Free £5 Gift Voucher With Zeek App


Zeek are giving away £5 FREE credit for a gift voucher of your choice. Download the app and enter promo code ‘2LFSUK’ into the app. It’s really great promotion. But we’re not to sure how long it will last so download their app now!

We used it to get a £10 Starbucks voucher for only £1. There are hundreds of vouchers to choose from. There are lots of vouchers on the app and with this credit it makes it almost free.

Here are the full instructions:

1) Download the free Zeek app on your iOS or Android smartphone.
2) Register on the app, and enter the code ‘2LFSUK’ in the ‘promotions code’ tab, to get £5 free credit.
3) Go to the ‘Buy’ section and purchase your voucher using your credit (if a voucher costs £5 you’ll still have to pay £1 as an admin fee – but it’s still a bargain!)
4) Your voucher will either be posted out to you, if it’s physical, or can be redeemed immediately if it’s electronic. It will sit in the ‘My Vouchers’ tab in the app.



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